Festival Beers & Trad Ciders

This is our listing for the 21st September Beer Festival......

Please note that this is subject to change, but fingers crossed this will be pretty final ......

See you there to experience some great beers, music and food! 

Afghan Pale, Grey Trees Brewery – 5.4% (Wales) 


***Supreme Champion Silver Award and Gold in the Strong Bitters category - Champion Beer of Britain 2019, Great British Beer Festival ***


Grey Trees Afghan Pale Ale is crafted like an American pale ale. We use Cascade, Citra and Simcoe hops. The Maris Otter malt provides a perfect light colour and dryness to complement the crisp taste and full aroma of the hops.

This gives a tropical hop aroma, paired with the unique taste combination of these three distinctive hop varieties, making it both full in flavour and crisply thirst-quenching.



Ay Up, Dancing Duck Brewery 3.4% ABV (Nottingham) 


Another 2019 GBBF Gold Medal Winner this is an eminently drinkable pale session ale and a firm New Inn Guest Favourite. Subtle malt and floral notes are matched splendidly with citrus hop, rounded off with a slightly dry finish.


Boiling Well , Ludlow Brewery  4.7% (Ludlow, Shropshire) 


A stunning beer from our friends at Ludlow Brewery, Boiling Well has an auburn chestnut complexion and a grassy aroma of autumn fruit with a full bodied sweet then dry taste.


Citra, Oakham Ales  - 4.2% (Peterborough) 


***Supreme Champion Bronze Awarded Gold in the Golden Beer Category - Champion Beer of Britain 2019, Great British Beer Festival ***


This is the original UK Citra beer, a multi award-winning ale that is light gold in colour, bursting with citrus and tropical hop flavours and sensationally refreshing. 



Corundum - Neepsend Brewery 4.1%  (Sheffield)


Neepsend are a great award-wining brewery who produce some stunning beers and this seasonal ale is no difference. Corundum uses NIdaho 7 and Amarillo hops to produce this great tasting pale beer with sweet pine, orange and tropical fruit aromas.


Dancing Dragonfly – Pheasantry Brewery – 5% ABV (Nottinghamshire) 


Brewed in Nottinghamshire this is one of the New Inn Landlords favourite tipples. A pale golden beer that is packed with peachy, exotic fruit flavours. At 5%ABV this is one dangerously drinkable drop!



DarkRuby - Sarah Hughes Brewery  - 6% (Dudley)


Dark Ruby Mild combines a balance of intense colour and flavour, making it an award winning festival favourite. We don’t have this on the bar often, but when we do it flies out! 



Everyone Loves Chinook - Fyne Ales  - 3.8% ABV  (Argyll, Scotland) 


Fyne Ales produce some amazing beers, and as a guest ale at the New Inn they don’t last too long… 


This is a clear mid gold coloured pour with a loose white head. Aroma is grassy hop, liquorice. The flavour is composed of semi sweet, spicy hop, grass, orange rind, Base malts, Lingering firm grassy bitterness. Palate is semi sweet & grainy, a great cask beer once again from Fyne Ales.


Gravediggers Mild, Church End Brewery – 3.8% (Warwickshire)


Champion Beer of Britain 2019, Great British Beer Festival. Awarded Gold in the Mild Category. 


Dark black and red in colour, with a complex mixture of chocolate and roast flavours. The use of two different hops, gives the beer a complex feel and smooth finish.



Great Dane – Stonhenge Brewery 4.6% ABV (Wiltshire)


One of their seasonal brews, this is a light golden premium cask lager brewed using only the finest quality of Stonehenge Spring Water, barley and light crystal malts, whole lager hops and lager yeast. The beer is fermented and “lagered” at low, controlled temperatures. This is a top quality beer without any brewing adjuncts at all. The result is a clean, crisp and refreshing Real Premium Lager in cask with a nice bitter aftertaste that lingers on.



Hair of the Dog, Penine Brewery – 3.9% (North Yorkshire) 


A bright sparkling blonde with a delicate roasted caramel flavour and a smooth sweet refreshing aftertaste.

A refreshing dark blonde beer, when this goes on the New Inn bar as a guest ale it’s gone in a flash! 


 Silver winner in the Standard Bitters and Pale Ales Category in the SIBA Cask Beer Competition 2016 



Heart & Soul, Vocation Brewery – 4.4% (West Yorkshire) 


Champion Beer of Britain 2019, awarded Bronze in the Golden Beer Category in the Great British Beer Festival. 


Created to have all the hoppy goodness of an IPA, but brewed to a sessionable strength.


Its intense fruit-salad character comes from generous additions of US West Coast hops. A full bodied and fruity beer, with notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry, pineapple & mango.



Laughing Gravy, Ulverston Brewing Company – 4% (Cumbria)


Champion Beer of Britain 2019, Great British Beer Festival. Awarded Bronze in the Bitter Category. 


A great award-winning light copper beer with a balance between malt and hops, leaving a thirst quenching after taste. Pale malt, Crystal, Amber, Chocolate, Torrified wheat, Amarillo and Golding hops



 Silver King, Osset Brewery 4.3% ABV (West Yorkshire)


Consistently popular for fifteen years, Silver King is perhaps Ossett’s best known beer and the winner of many prestigious awards. A simple combination of pale malt and American Cascade hops result in a crisp, dry, refreshing bitter in which the aromas of citrus fruit are pleasingly well balanced.


The Murmerings of a Lost Leviathan -  Salopian Brewery 4.8% ABV (Shropshire)


A sun-drenched IPA that sparkles with mesmerising tangerine and papaya sorbet. Engaging but not too over powering, that melds beautifully across a brazen sea of passion fruit and lemon zest.




Easy Peeler – Fourpour Brewing Co 4% ABV 

Citrus session IPA.  At Fourpure, beer is their overriding passion and their travels are what inspire them. Plenty of experience has taught them that adventures are thirsty work, so they created this super juicy, tangerine and citrus Session IPA. Easy drinking and full of flavour, it’s the perfect reward at the day’s end…. Or beginning! 

Hoegaarrden – 4.9% 

Brewing Hoegaarden is no simple matter. Hoegaarden is fermented twice but isn't filtered, creating its cloudy appearance and smooth texture. The beer's taste is soft, light and slightly sweet and sour, accompanied by subtle citrus notes. Flavours of Coriander & Orange Peel create a sweet & Sour Taste 

Kellerbier – ABK 5.1% ABV 

ABK is full of tradition and great beers! This is their Unfiltered Kellerbier which is based on the oldest known recipe at ABK dating back to 1308

 Kellerbier translates to Cellar Beer, an obvious reference to the cooler temperatures the beer is brewed and conditioned under. ABK Kellerbier is naturally cloudy, full bodied and simply stunning!

Liefmans Fruitese 3.8%

A firm New Inn Beer Festival favourite in our draught keg options. This will fly out very quick, so taste it early and enjoy while you can! 

 Liefmans is a unique, refreshing blend of beers, ripened on real cherries in their cellars, blended with natural fruit juices of strawberry, raspberry, cherry, billberry and elderberry. The result is a slightly Champenoise pearling, fruity, and agreeably sweet drink, sparkling and refreshing.



 Traditional Ciders. 



Seacider Passion Fruit 4%ABV 


Made with the pure juice of passion fruit and blended with SeaCider Medium, this delicious craft cider is refreshing and packed with flavour

Seacider Hardcore 6.8%ABV 


A full bodied dry cider with complex and punchy apple aroma’s.


SeaciderBlood Orange 4%ABV 


Made with real blood oranges and blended with SeaCider Medium, this cider is refreshing and packed with flavour.

Seacider Black Cherry 4%ABV 


Bursting with fruit and flavour. Made purely from local black cherries and apple juice, this old favourite is one of our best sellers.


Celtic Marches Wild Berry 4%ABV 


Bronze Medal Winner at the International Cider Challenge 2019. Celtic Marches Wild Berries 4% Cider is medium craft cider bursting with the quintessential taste of the Herefordshire hedgerow. A rich blend of wild berries creates its deep crimson tone. The delicate strawberry nose comes through leaving the wonderful afternotes of the bramble blackberries finish.



Celtic Marches Slack Alice 4.6%ABV 


Silver Medal Winner at The Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP) 2018 Alice is a medium well-rounded cider with a moreish sharpness. 


At 4.6% she is slightly drier than our other medium cider, Thundering Molly, yet still mellow with a very slight tart finish. Crafted from 100% Herefordshire Cider apples grown on the family farm, this cider is a true Herefordshire delight!


Celtic Marches Penny Rhubarb 4%ABV 


This palate pleasing cider is the International Cider Challenge 2018 Trophy winner! A beautiful blend of Yorkshire Triangle Timperley Rhubarb Juice and our Herefordshire Cider creates the quintessential taste of the English Countryside. A medium cider with the subtle tart of rhubarb juice giving a refreshing bite at the end.


Celtic Marches Strawberry & Lime 4%ABV


Fresh crushed strawberry nose and a finishing note of a subtle zing of lime. This 4% fruit cider is crafted in Herefordshire, using only apples from the family farm.



Celtic Marches Kir Briton 4%ABV 


Celtic Marches have teamed up with fellow award winning Herefordians, White Heron. Blending Celtic Marches signature single-estate craft cider with the intense fruit filled flavour of British Cassis, this blackcurrant and apple blend hits all the right notes. Both rich in heritage, the luxurious liqueurs smooth, ripe flavours cut effortlessly through the tannins of the meticulously balanced cider apples. With a sweet edge, the freshly picked currants from the Whittern Estate complement the subtly perfected apple blend of Wyer Croft.



Thistly Cross Whisky Cask 6.7%ABV 


This is a great Whisky-Cask Aged Still Cider with a 6.7% ABV  that has been matured in ex-Glen Moray whisky casks to produce this dry & subtle cider. Infused with mellow, vanilla oak of the cask. a refreshing, complex drink to be savoured.


Thistly Cask Traditional 4.4%ABV 


A satisfying Session Cider that has a smooth flavour and a sessionable ABV. A good full body with a refreshing sparkling mouthfeel.

Fruity & aromatic, golden in the glass, with a clean apple finish. A perfect session cider.



Westons Old Rosie 6.8%ABV 


Old Rosie is the name given to Weston’s 1921 Aveling and Porter steam roller, that still sits in their yard in Herefordshire. Strong, reliable and so loved by everyone in the Westons family, they named this cloudy cider in her honour. Light, crisp and dry, this truly old fashioned cloudy cider is slowly matured and left unfiltered.


Weston’s Cloudy Rosie’s Pig Rhubarb 4%ABV 


This is an award-winning cloudy cider with a distinctive rhubarb hint and a satisfying yet complex taste with a hint of citrus and a tart finish. 


Weston’s Strawberry 4% ABV 


Another award-winning cider this is a well balanced cider with delicious fresh strawberry aroma and taste with hints of elderflower



Weston’s Raspberry 4% ABV


A fresh distinctive raspberry aroma with hints of aromatic cucumber, this a a refreshing berry flavour with citrus notes that creates a well balanced easy drinking cider with a fresh finish.